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Christ, Scientist

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Question of the Week #7:

schmetterling-256QUESTION:  If God is good and all powerful, where does evil come from

ANSWER:  Evil is not a force co-equal to God.  If it were, we would have a house divided against itself.  Evil is like darkness which is the absence of light.  Darkness has no reality in itself.  The same idea applies to evil.  Evil is shutting out good (God) on the basis of mistaken beliefs.  By correcting or eliminating these false beliefs, evil is driven out of our lives.

Question of the Week #6:

Magnifying-glass128QUESTION:  Do Christian Scientists go to medical doctors?

ANSWER:  We think that the practice of medicine has come a long way and that doctors do a lot of good.  However, rather than turning to God when all else fails, Christian Scientists turn to God first.  By putting God first, we are affirming our divinity as sons and daughters of God.  If our present understanding of God and our relationship to Him is not sufficient to bring about a healing, Christian Scientists are free to try other means.

Question of the Week #5:

book256QUESTION:  Is there a heaven and a hell?

ANSWER:  Christ Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within.  He meant by this that heaven is not a locality but a state of mind.  Heaven and hell are states of mind, here and now, that we create for ourselves by the choices we make.

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